On the anatomy of labour:

About pressure and relief:

Labour, especially day labour is an integral part of an economy

based on the destitution of many of its workers.

A lack of health insurance and low wages are only part of the problem.

Primitive work processes and daily mental stress are factors that affect the workers and often leave visible and invisible scars.

Since my semester abroad in Dhaka in 2018, I am visiting countless tanneries, brickwork factories,

"shipwrecking areas", truck driver, chiefs and many other where labor takes place.

I am particularly concerned with the fact that a human worker is cheaper than

buying a machine. but I also think about the special kind of everyday

extremes of pressure and relief, the feeling and the smell of a place that seem

to affect the people in many different ways. "On the anatomy of labor"

is a photographic experiment on labor in Bangladesh that tries to give an insight into

the world of hard work without primarily showing it.